Pet Food Pantry – GOODS Program

Iowa Humane Alliance Pet Food Pantry is a proud Ambassador of the GOODS Program!

Greater Good Charities, through its GOODS program is committed to supporting humanitarian and animal welfare communities with goods such as food and supplies. These in-kind supplies are provided by donors or purchased directly for distribution both nationally and internationally.

GOODS operates on the national food bank model, accepting food donations from manufacturers, distributors, or retailers. Suppliers such as Chewy, Purina, J.M. Smucker, Mars, and PetSmart. The GOODS program has partnered with over 300 animal welfare organizations to grant more than 500 million meals to pets in need across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

As an Ambassador, the IHA Pet Food Pantry receives notice from the GOODS program when a donation is available, then arranges delivery to their warehouse, calculates the weight/delivery fee per pound, then offers this donation to the pre-approved groups in their territory. The pre-approved group (Recipient) pays a small handling fee and picks up their donation on a pre-determined day and time. We will contact the Recipient via email.

Who Can Apply?

Animal Welfare organizations that meet the following requirements may apply:

Have a valid, non-revoked IRS Determination Letter establishing their 501(c)(3) status.

Municipal or county shelter.

Maintain a website stating their mission.

Have a profile on Guidestar.

List adoptable animals online and spay/neuter prior to adoption.

Note – A group applying under a Group Exemption or using an alternate name (for example “Doing business as…”) must submit the relevant documents as described by the IRS or state/local authorities.

How Does it Work?

  1. Groups apply through this website to become a grant recipient. The application is screened for criteria such as non-profit status, spay/neuter policy, adoption pages, and distance from the nearest ambassador. The local Ambassador accepts or declines each application, based on criteria.

  2. Groups meeting the criteria are placed in the rotation for distributions. When food is available, the Ambassador notifies groups of the type of food and offers the group the opportunity to participate.

  3. Participating groups send in their latest census counts and the Ambassador determines an equitable distribution of the food, considering factors such as the number and size of animals, whether any group received food more recently than another one, distance traveled, or special circumstances like large food donations from other sources.

  4. The Ambassador notifies each group of the amount allocated, the place and time for pickup, and the amount of handling fees, if any.

  5. As a grant program, we cannot guarantee that food will always be supplied to any one organization or that a grant will meet all of the organization’s needs for any period of time.

How to Apply

You must apply online by completing the Recipient Application below.  GOODS and its local Ambassadors confirm that the criteria are being met and monitor the group’s 501(c)3 status.

Applications must be complete and are subject to approval.

Apply Here