The Last Litter

IHA Last Litter Program
Help Iowa Humane Alliance accomplish their mission of reducing homeless animals by spaying mom and altering her kittens or puppies.

We have an amazing spay/neuter package at the Iowa Humane Alliance Regional Spay/Neuter Clinic for Mom’s and their Litters.

“The Last Litter” offers discounted services for new dog and cat litters. Help us end pet overpopulation by sharing this important information! Kittens can be spayed or neutered for as low as $20 and puppies, as low as $40. Certain criteria applies. For more information about this life saving program, call today: (319) 363-1225.

Pricing for dogs:
Mom’s spay $80.00, each pup’s surgery $40.00
Distemper/Parvo vaccines for $5.00

Pricing for cats:
Mom’s spay $40.00, each kitten’s surgery $20.00
FVRCP vaccine for $5.00

Pricing for community/barn package:
Mom’s spay (includes ear tip, FVRCP and Rabies vaccine) $40.00
Each kitten’s surgery (includes ear tip and FVRCP vaccine) $20.00

We also have a Community Cat package option for Feral/Barn cats that have been trapped.