Pet overpopulation has resulted in millions of cats and dogs being euthanized each year across our nation, simply because there are not enough homes. Iowa Humane Alliance is addressing this crisis by performing 10,000 spay and neuter surgeries annually and developing effective programs to reduce animal shelter admissions and end euthanasia as a form of population control.

We are asking you to consider including Iowa Humane Alliance in your planned giving. With your support, we can continue our life-saving work, striving for a future that is full of kindness and compassion for all animals.

When you choose to include Iowa Humane Alliance in your will or trust, through retirement assets, life insurance, or an outright gift, know that no matter how big or small, you are making a difference. Please advise us of your intent so we can assist you and your financial advisor as you are guided through the process.

To learn more about our Planned Giving Program or the IHA Legacy Society, please contact us at (319) 363-1225 or email

“Legacy Gifting” can be an effective strategy to ensure that your meaningful contribution continues to support causes that are dear to your heart. We recommend consulting a qualified financial planner or attorney (be sure to take this form with you) which will allow you to structure these gifts in ways that can result in tax deductions or elimination of taxes to yourself, your beneficiaries, and/or your estate. IHA will work with your financial planner or offer introductions to professionals that can assist you to ensure your wishes are met in the most tax efficient manner.

Planned Bequest or Gift in your Will or Trust

Specific gift : A stated dollar amount designated for Iowa Humane Alliance. 

Specific bequest: A gift of a specific item or asset (such as property).

Contingent/Residual gift: A type of gift or bequest that is made once certain conditions are met, such as naming IHA a beneficiary after other                                                              specific bequests or distributions are made.

Remainder trust: A specific type of trust that can be used to create income for you during your lifetime, while leaving remaining assets to IHA upon death in a way that can result in immediate tax deductions during your lifetime, with long term financial benefit to the chosen charity.

Life Insurance: IHA accepts gifts of life insurance, either as a primary, co, or contingent beneficiary named on a policy. In addition, IHA can be named as owner and beneficiary of a policy. If properly structured, life insurance benefits can pass to IHA tax free upon death and be excluded from your estate tax calculation, while the contributor of the policy may receive tax deductions during their lifetime.

Retirement Assets: Many people do not use all of their retirement assets during their lifetime. Remaining assets from an IRA, 401(k) or pension can be gifted to IHA, a nonprofit organization. You will receive a charitable tax deduction to the extent allowable by law and your estate will not be taxed for these assets upon your death.

Required Minimum Distributions: The amount the federal government requires you to withdraw each year (usually after you reach age 70½) from retirement accounts including: simple and traditional IRAs, simplified    employee pension (SEP), as well as many employer-sponsored retirement plans such as 401(k) and 403(b). If you find yourself not needing this added income, you can direct your RMD distribution to the benefit of a charitable organization, such as IHA, and avoid income taxes on money that you don’t need but are forced to distribute.

Appreciated Stocks: Don’t overlook the benefits of donating appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. You can take an immediate tax deduction for the full market value of the asset and avoid the capital gains tax that you would owe by cashing in the securities.

When you have a strategy or plan in place, make sure to print the “Intent to Give” form to submit as part of the process.

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