Iowa Trap-Neuter-Return Resource Assistance Program

Iowa Humane Alliance recognizes that feral and stray cats are a major concern in Iowa. In both our urban and rural areas, there are millions of free-roaming cats. In our towns and cities, they seek shelter under porches, in sewer openings and abandoned buildings. In rural areas, it is uncommon to find a barn without at least a few cats tending to the rodent problem. Whether these cats are social or feral, IHA advocates for Trap-Neuter-Return as the most effective and humane form of population control.

Iowa Humane Alliance has worked with hundreds of citizens who are feeding and caring for colonies of free-roaming cats (community cats) on their farms and in their neighborhoods. We are committed to facilitating the work of those who care for these cats and to offer TNR resources to assist them with humanely controlling the population growth and to improving the health of the colonies they care for. We also promote community awareness of the responsible care and treatment of community cats, including those that are not likely to become house pets because of lack of socialization.

Resources include:

  • TNR Presentations

  • DYI Shelter Making Workshops

  • Feral Freedom Fest

  • Information regarding the importance of an ear tip

  • Advice about caring for Community Cats

  • Traps for rent

IHA did 4,288 Community Cat surgeries in 2021.

These cities and municipalities have TNR ordinances:

  • Clinton

  • Iowa City

  • Marion

  • North Liberty

  • Tiffin

  • Des Moines