Services and Fees

Surgery Requirements

All healthy cats, dogs and rabbits over the age of 8 weeks (16 weeks for female rabbits) and weighing at least 2 pounds are eligible for surgery.

All animals receive the following:

  • Brief veterinarian exam
  • Sedation and pain medicine
  • General anesthesia
  • Spay or neuter surgery performed by licensed veterinarian
  • Tattoo on tummy or groin
  • Snack during recovery
  • Tender loving care


Full payment is due at pick-up. We accept cash and checks. We do NOT accept credit or debit cards at this time.

Surgery Fees

Please note that occasionally additional charges may apply:

In order to maintain a flea-free environment for all of our guests, all pets that arrive for surgery are inspected for evidence of flea infestation. If your pet is found to have fleas; it may be give CAPSTAR flea treatment at an additional $5 charge to you.

You may also be charged a nominal fee if your pet requires an antibiotic injection or other special circumstances medications. In all cases, if these charges will exceed $15 you will be contacted. Please make sure that we have a phone number where we can reach you on  the day of services.

Rabbit Cost
Male Rabbit Neuter $50
Female Rabbit Spay $75
Dog Cost
Male Dog Neuter $65
Female Dog Spay $80
Over 90 pounds add $25
Cat Cost
Male Cat Neuter $40
Female Cat Spay $40
Free-Roaming Cat Package* $35

*The Free-roaming Cat Package is NOT for pet cats. This package is for feral and tame cats that live outside full time. It includes spay or neuter, rabies vaccination, ear tip (required) and a tattoo. Other services can be added. For more information, please visit our Feral Cat page.

Surgical Surcharges Cost
Cat or Dog Cryptorchid Neuter (undescended testicle) $15*
Hernia Repair – if medically necessary $15-$25

*Charge is per side