Veterinarian Job Posting

Job Description & Responsibilities


JOB RELATIONSHIPS: Reports to Dr. Jennifer Doll (Medical Director) and employed by Iowa Humane Alliance Veterinary Services. Addresses concerns and relays vital information to Medical Director or Executive Director.

JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for daily care and sterilization of all surgical patients. Perform routine wellness services for shelter/rescue partner animals.  


Patient Care:

  • Perform a physical exam on friendly patients and a visual exam for fractious/feral patients prior to surgery.

  • Provide every patient with the highest quality of care. Consider the patient’s stress, pain level, anesthetic risk, post-surgery complication concerns, and quality of life when evaluating for surgery.

  • Record patient’s medical information on daily logs.

  • Relay medical concerns to veterinary technician regarding higher risk surgery candidates or patients that surgery has been declined.

  • Perform sterilization surgeries. 

    • Approximately 8-12 dogs and 24-30 cats per day. 

    • Prefer candidate that is familiar with or willing to learn flank spay approach on cats.

    • Prefer candidate that is experienced with rabbit spay/neuter surgeries.

  • Monitor patient during surgery and examine patients post-surgery to ensure proper recovery.

  • Administer rabies vaccines.

  • Develop relationship with partner organizations and provide wellness services, either in house or at their facility.

  • Provide full-service surgical care and dental procedures for rescue/shelter partner animals and team member’s pets. 

Client and staff interactions:

  • Participate in scheduled wellness clinics including: a brief exam, administering vaccines, implanting microchips, and answering general questions that client may have.

  • Direct team members to administer drugs, prepare prescription medications, or perform medical tasks that are not part of normal protocol.

  • Advise veterinarian technician with difficult post-surgical situations occurring through the recheck phone.

  • Review protocols with Medical Director and revise as needed.

  • Instruct/train team members during development sessions.   

  • Observe staff and report any job performance discrepancies or concerns to appropriate supervisor.

Required Interpersonal skills:

  • Unconditional Regard: Ability to keep interactions with clients, partners, supporters, and staff professional and positive at all times. Able to defer judgment of others; creating a safe, empowering, and successful relationship.

  • Confidentiality:  Ability to keep all information regarding our patients, clients, organizational partners, and supporters confidential. 

  • Mission-oriented: Support and advocate for our mission, understanding the urgency in which we need to act and knowing it’s vital to our success.

  • Leadership: Present yourself as a positive role model, make sound decisions, communicate your expectations clearly, and encourage others to perform to the best of their ability.


  • Surgical shifts would be paid at a training wage until 25 surgeries/day is achieved 

    • Training wage $250

    • 25-30 surgeries $275

    • 30-35 surgeries $300

    • Over 35 surgeries $350

  • All wellness and other surgical shifts will be paid at $325/day.

  • Vaccine and outreach events are paid at $50/hour

  • Benefits 

    • 6 paid holidays at full wage

    • 5 vacation days paid at 50% of wage

    • Paid membership to national or local veterinary association

    • $500 towards continuing education hours

    • Discounted services and products/medication at cost