IHA and COVID-19 Precautions


Our check-in/check-out policy are as follows:


Amended Check-in/ Check-out Procedures 

  • We are asking that all clients wear a mask
  • We are limiting the number of clients permitted in our lobby to 3 at a time
  • Please limit the number of people in your party that enter our lobby to the prime caregiver(s)
  • We are using a number system to assist clients in the order that they arrive
  • When you arrive, leave your pet or community cat in your vehicle
  • Come to the front door to receive your number and admission form
    • Your number will be called when you should come into the lobby
  • We are expanding check-in and check-out times
    • Cat check-out will be from 6:45 AM – 7:15 AM
    • Cat check-in will be from 7:15 AM – 7:50 AM
    • Dog check-in will be from 7:50 AM – 8:30AM

General guidelines:

  • Use hand sanitizer when you arrive and again when you leave
  • Keep a 5-foot distance away from all other clients
  • No petting of other people’s animals
  • Do not shake hands or physically interact with other clients
  • Reschedule your appointment if you do not feel well