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Thousands of animals need our services.

This need has become so apparent as pet owners, rescue volunteers, and community cat caretakers flood our lobby every morning, many with appointments scheduled months ago. We have always believed that individuals will act in the best interest of animals and provide care when it is affordable and accessible. People have reinforced this mindset and have come to rely on Iowa Humane Alliance to provide high-quality, low-cost spay and neuter services. Countless offspring are being born into homeless situations, putting their lives at stake. We need to act quickly in order to continue to deliver quality services as the demand rises each day. We need to grow: our clinic, our team, our organization, and our support. We need you to help us grow to save more lives.




PHASE I – Goal $450,000

Raise capital. Construct a 2,600 square foot addition to our current Regional Spay/Neuter Clinic, increasing our surgical capacity to enable our team to perform 16,000 surgeries annually.

PHASE II – Goal $250,000

Amplify our impact. Expand our life-saving programs to serve more remote locations, under-served areas, community cat populations, and implement wellness services for our shelter partners.

PHASE III – Goal $300,000

Guarantee sustainability. Secure a future for Iowa Humane Alliance, the animals they serve, and the people who care for them. 




Be Part of the Solution.


By investing in Iowa Humane Alliance, you are not only changing one animal’s life, you are making a difference for thousands of animals. You are providing a pet owner in an under-resourced neighborhood the ability to keep their pet happy and in their home. You are helping community cats maintain a healthy and safe population level through TNR efforts. You are granting a family the joy of their pet living a long and blissful life. You are allowing shelter and rescue organizations to reallocate valuable funds to care for more animals. You are creating change, helping all animals within your community live a healthier and happier life.

Behind every spay/neuter surgery there is a dedicated team that makes it happen. Your on-going support enables them to break down even more barriers that stand in the way of animals needing our assistance. Advocating for spay/neuter addresses animal overpopulation at the root cause. Support Iowa Humane Alliance in providing the solution to end euthanasia of healthy animals.


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