“…When I began to realize the plight of animal welfare in Iowa, the situation seemed overwhelming and I wondered how I could make a difference. Iowa Humane Alliance (IHA) has put that in perspective for me. It is going to take a collaborative effort from many individuals and organizations to achieve a standard of excellence that we can all be proud of. I believe that IHA has the unique ability to conquer these challenges….”  

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George Hospodarsky, Iowa Humane Alliance Board President

IHA Client Stories




“The information provided by IHA helped me learn best practices of TNR and colony management. We have seen a drastic reduction in unwanted litters of kittens and an increase in the general health of all the cats due to our targeted approach for TNR in one specific neighborhood. This would not be possible without the availability of IHA’s services for community cats.”

Shelby Airy, Colony Caregiver



“As Last Hope has continued to grow, rescuing and caring for hundreds of animals each year, our partnership with IHA has proven invaluable. The ability to provide local low cost spay and neuters for animals in our care has allowed Last Hope to maintain manageable intake costs that in turn keep our adoption rates very reasonable to the public. This supports our ability to continue bringing new animals in and maintain a budget that affords us the ability to accept major medical cases that may have been otherwise overlooked by other organizations. The programs IHA has available to the public for low cost vaccinations, TNR and spay/neuter clinics have enabled many to keep and care for animals in their home, when surrendering or neglect may have been their only other options. We have seen many positive returns through our work with IHA, their staff and doctors!”

Sonia Brandley, Director, Last Hope Animal Rescue and                                                    Charlie (another successful furever home adoption through LHAR)


“The presence of Iowa Humane Alliance has had a tremendous impact on SAINT Rescue. Most importantly is the high-quality, affordable services provided for our shelter cats. IHA also now allows us to provide    people with an answer when they call with concerns about community cats. We recommend spaying and neutering through IHA. This is the solution to controlling the community cat over-population crisis.”

Nicki Brodersen, Founder, SAINT Rescue and                                                                         Burt (available for adoption through SAINT)




“We routinely take advantage of Iowa Humane Alliance’s services for shelter animals but I would like to see our relationship develop more in depth. I think the citizens of Johnson county would greatly benefit from a spay/neuter transport, leaving from our shelter location and traveling to IHA for affordable high-quality surgeries on a regular basis.”

Chris Whitmore, Animal Services Coordinator, Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center                                                                                                                                          and Latte (another successful furever home adoption through ICAC)


“With the help of the Iowa Humane Alliance, we have been able to save the lives of 14 kittens and have found forever homes for seven of them. Without IHA’s medical and the Animal Resource Foundation’s financial assistance all of those 14 kittens, as well as their three mothers, would have had a very difficult time surviving. I (and especially my daughter) greatly appreciate all of the assistance we have received from both organizations, without them my life wouldn’t be as warm.”

Brian Dinges and Family, IHA Client



“Not only is the Iowa Humane Alliance one of the few places in Iowa with the knowledge and experience needed to spay and neuter rabbits, but they charge only a fraction of what others charge for the same services. Thanks to them, we’ve managed to rescue and rehome more rabbits in our first year than we ever thought possible. Thank you, Iowa Humane Alliance, for helping us achieve so many hoppily ever afters!”

Diane Ford, Assistant Director, A Home For EveryBunny and                                           Xena (available for adoption!)



“Safe Haven of Iowa County’s relationship with IHA has evolved over the years starting with the spays/neuters at a cost we could afford. Now we are using their transport service to work with members of the community who need affordable and convenient spay or neuter of owned and stray cats.. Many of these citizens would not spay/neuter if it were not for the incentive of reduced cost and added convenience through transportation. Dropping a cat off locally one morning before work and picking it up the next is certainly motivating to those who cannot afford to miss work or to drive 90+ miles round trip to take advantage of the reduced cost at  IHA. Thank you IHA for enabling us to help our community.”

Mary McCord, Board Member, Safe Haven Of Iowa County and                                       Balboa (available for adoption through SHIC)



“Prior to IHA opening 2013, we were arranging spay/neuter surgeries with multiple vet clinics in different communities. Unfortunately, each clinic came with different pricing, schedules, and protocols.

When IHA opened, it was a whole new ball game. Pet owners now had easy access to affordable spay/neuter services, vaccinations, flea treatments, and they didn’t have to compromise between cost and quality. Additionally, our spay/neuter subsidy program became more robust. IHA had the ability to handle the volume of requests for spay/neuter assistance we were receiving, and we began to refer all our clients to their clinic.

We continue to work with IHA because they are a great group of people that put the animals first and give us more “bang for our buck” allowing us to help more animals. By the end of 2018, we will have subsidized over 2,000 surgeries resulting in more than $60,000 in revenue for IHA.”

Sandy Miller and Gretchen Chamberlain (pictured), Animal Resource Foundation



“Before IHA was established I had to drive an hour each way to get the feral cats I was feeding spayed or neutered.   It has been so nice to have a facility in Cedar Rapids.  Lots of caring people doing an awesome job to help control the number of unwanted animals going to our shelters and rescue organizations.”

Sherry Myhlhousen, Iowa Humane Alliance Volunteer and Colony Caregiver



“The Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control has been spaying/neutering all animals prior to adoption for several years now with the goal of improving a pet’s overall health and quality of life, while also making sure that we are doing everything we can to reduce the number of unwanted pets that enter our shelter each year.  And it’s worked!  Our numbers have dropped dramatically over the years.  Rarely do we see puppies enter the shelter, and now the concentration on cat spay/neuter is making a difference too.  We couldn’t have accomplished this without the partnership and support of the Iowa Humane Alliance.  Thank you IHA, you’ve made a huge impact in our community!”

Diane Webber, Program Manager, Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control and                   Triton (available for adoption and an absolute doll!)

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