Kitten Season Campaign 2018

Together we can create lasting change!

Kitten season is here again and like so many others, Zola and her littermates had a perilous start.  Zola’s mother was accidentally killed after she had her kittens at a heavy equipment work site.  At three weeks old, Zola and her littermates were homeless and without anyone to care for them.

Kitten Season 2018Zola’s story is all too familiar. Thousands of kittens are born homeless each year.

Your DONATION TODAY can change so many lives!

We appreciate your dedication to IHA’s mission to end pet overpopulation and homelessness. We need your help to reach our goal to raise $8,000 this kitten season!

$35 can spay/neuter and vaccinate one community cat

$50 helps cover spay/neuter, both vaccines and flea treatment

$200 can help a whole litter of kittens

$500 can impact an entire neighborhood

$8000 can change next year’s kitten season!!

Kitten Season LitterThanks to your generous support, Zola and her litter mates received the care they needed and are now doing just fine.

Thanks for your donation but don’t stop there!

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