Our Employees

Featured Employee:

Lori, Office ManagerLori

 Joined IHA: October 2014
When the flood of 2008 happened there were so many people who helped us out and I promised that when we got our home back together I wanted to pay it forward. I love animals so the decision where I wanted to help was easy. I started volunteering at our local animal shelter.

I like all aspects of my job with IHA, from entering animals, to invoicing the animals to the phone appointments. I enjoy working with people to help them get their pets spayed, neutered and vaccinated and to see the smile on their face knowing that their pet will be healthy. I love working with animals and have 20 years’ experience in Customer service. I enjoy working with clients to give them an understanding of vaccinations and the importance of spaying and neutering their animals to keep them healthy.

Shelby, Veterinary TechnicianShelby

 Joined IHA: July 2015
My favorite part about my job is knowing that we are able improve the quality of so many animal’s lives through spaying and neutering. It is an amazing feeling to be a part of a hardworking team that is able to make such a big impact for animals in our community as well as the communities that we are able to reach out to.

Grace, Veterinary AssistantGrace

 Joined IHA: October 2016
I am passionate about IHA because we help keep down the population of feral felines and unwanted pets.  Also because we provide vaccinations and spay/neuter services to people that are from economically disadvantaged areas which is a secret passion in my heart.

Stacy DykemaStacy Dykema

Joined IHA: January 2013
Executive Director of IHA
During my career in animal welfare, I had worked at two municipal shelters and saw the full spectrum of animal care. I held the role of veterinarian technician, volunteer coordinator, humane investigations officer, adoption counselor, natural disaster rescuer, and cared for thousands of cats and dogs.

I was working in Upstate New York when Mary phoned and asked me to come work at Iowa Humane Alliance. Mary said that the clinic was scheduled to open in 8 weeks and that 5,000 surgeries would be performed in the first year. I thought, WOW, how amazing. I did a little research on high quality, high volume, low cost spay/neuter clinics and everything suddenly became so clear. Somewhere around 12,000 surgeries performed, I became the Director of Clinic Operations. Currently I am the Executive Director of IHA, overseeing all—and we’re just over 28,000 operations.

Kathleen Schoon, Development/Volunteer Coordinator, Joined IHA: September 2011

Sam Wilson, Program Coordinator, Joined IHA: May 2015